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Streamline your trucking company operations with Oculus Freight platform.

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    How can Oculus Freight refine your work processes?

    Leveraging our software, trucking businesses can improve their operational performance.

    Enhancing internal communication


    Simplification of routine workflow

    > %

    overall team productivity Increase


    Optimization of cost efficiency

    Features for

    Driver App

    A comprehensive tool for streamlined operations and enhanced communication

    In-app Chat

    Improve communication with live chat, send photos, documents, and emojis without switching to other resources.

    Route Optimization

    Optimize routes based on dispatcher's preferred criteria like tolls, traffic, weather, etc.

    Rest & Fuel Planning

    Plan fuel and rest stops for the driver on the platform and send via the mobile app.

    Equipment Inspection Module

    Enable real-time fleet condition tracking with mandatory pre-trip equipment checks by drivers.

    Maintenance Planner

    Easily set up customized maintenance alerts for every vehicle in your fleet.

    Daily Equipment Check-ins

    Ensure equipment is kept in check with mandatory daily reports from drivers.

    Defect Dashboard

    Prioritize repairs with a central hub for all inspection and off-site defect reports.

    In-App Live Chat

    Stay connected and exchange information with the office in real-time.

    Pre-Built Routes

    Pre-set routes with detailed instructions and maps for efficient freight delivery.

    Payroll Reports in the App

    Easy access to earnings information and detailed payroll reports directly in the app.

    Load  Offers

    Provide flexibility to accept or reject load offers though the app.

    DOT Inspection Tracking

    Stay updated with every successful or failed road inspection to react promptly and avoid critical violations.

    Safety Document Management

    Have all necessary documents for drivers and equipment in one place and renew them in time with system reminders.

    Smart Safety Management

    Minimize the risk of errors and handle more tasks with our automated routine operations task planner.

    Task Management

    Assign tasks within the company and let the system handle the reminders.

    Free management software

    Free platform access

    We strive to make our innovative solutions accessible to all transportation companies, regardless of their size or budget.
    That's why we offer free access to our platform, which provides a multitude of features and tools for effective business management.

    Experience the power of Oculus Freight for FREE

    A modern mobile application for the driver

    Thanks to a dedicated mobile application, the freight, vehicle and driver maintain communication with the our system. This gives you full control and ensures that your fleet is optimised.

    Try Oculus Freight for Free Today!

    We are creating a new reality for the industry. Data driven world, where offices become autonomous, and trucks operate at maximum efficiency. This is our goal. This is our future, and we invite you to join us on this journey.
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